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As one of the leading carrier neutral datacentre, colocation and network connectivity operators in the UK, LDeX provides ultrafast low latency connectivity to critical trading platforms and matching engines in London. The colocation provider, which has datacentres in Manchester and London, has partnered with the leading Tier 1 & Tier 2 connectivity carriers and financial trading network specialists in order to ensure that your data access and transmission is instantaneous and secure. LDeX provides high capacity, diverse fibre providers.

The team at LDeX are able to provide Microwave links and dark fibre connectivity to financial exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE, BATS-CHI-X Europe.

With datacentres situated prime locations in the UK, all customers are given direct access to leading Internet Exchanges to ensure fastest route data delivery and access. The group’s LDeX1 datacentre is situated in close proximity to central London and has a strong reputation for its 99.999% uptime SLA and superior customer service.

Across its network of datacentres, LDeX provides bespoke colocation solutions ranging from quarter racks to dedicated halls and caged environments.

Security is of utmost importance to LDeX and we have multi-tiered robust and resilient physical and network measures in place to ensure the safety of your servers, systems and infrastructure including mantraps, biometric scanners and a 2.5 meter fence which surrounds the building. On premise, there is 24x7x365 site security backed up by a remote CCTV monitoring station.

What are the key benefits of choosing LDeX?

    • Faster and more reliable delivery and transmission of your data
    • Complete physical protection against theft of equipment and data
    • Safeguard and increase your brand’s reputation by protecting the availability of your data
    • Security procedures designed to satisfy the most stringent of security audits
    • Datacentres located within the financial and technological hubs of Europe