Company says it has spent over $30bn in IT infrastructure over three years, but warns it’s “not done yet” as its now seen as a communications brand instead of IT.

Google has announced the opening of several cloud regions and data centres across the world, as well as the commission of three subsea cables.The company is to open regions in the Netherlands and Montreal, Canada, before the end of March this year.The two new regions will be followed by Los Angeles (US), Finland and Hong Kong, “with more to come”. Additionally, Google will also commission three subsea cables to be laid in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The underwater infrastructure is to be commissioned in 2019.

Which cable has been named by the public cloud and content delivery giant. Curie will be a private cable connecting Chile to Los Angeles; Havfrue will be a consortium cable connecting the US to Denmark and Ireland; and the Hong Kong-Guam Cable system (HK-G) will be a consortium cable interconnecting major subsea communication hubs in Asia.

Google claims to be the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable with Curie.

In fact, Google’s claim comes just days after S&P Global Inc. positioned Google – and Facebook – under the category of communications, exiting the information technology vertical.

The communications category is also expected to take over telecoms as the merger of telecommunications companies is expected with several internet and media stocks, Bloomberg reports.

Google’s VP Ben Treynor Sloss, said: “By deploying our own private subsea cable, we help improve global connectivity while providing value to our customers. Owning the cable ourselves has some distinct benefits.

“Since we control the design and construction process, we can fully define the cable’s technical specifications, streamline deployment and deliver service to users and customers faster. Also, once the cable is deployed, we can make routing decisions that optimize for latency and availability.”

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