UK-based data centre thermal software and services specialist firm EkkoSense will demonstrate its innovative software-driven thermal optimisation solutions for critical facilities on stand D1210 at Data Centre World 2018 at Excel, London March 21-22.

Unlike traditional critical cooling approaches, EkkoSense harnesses the potential of the ‘fully-sensed’ data centre to enable entirely new levels of thermal compliance and cooling energy cost reduction, and capacity optimisation. At DCW18 EkkoSense will demonstrate a series of sensor, software and operational innovations that will confirm the company as a leader in the provision of thermal optimisation solutions for critical live environments. Key announcements will include:

  • The world’s first Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled wireless sensor to provide a local display of measured temperature and relative humidity values. The EkkoSensor wireless display sensor can show temperature profiles over the last hour, 24 hours or week for immediate on-site thermal assessment, and integrates with EkkoSoft Critical 3D software to provide real-time virtual reality visualisation.
  • Real-time tracking of cooling loads with EkkoAir – EkkoAir is the world’s first thermal monitoring solution to track data centre cooling loads in real-time. When combined with EkkoSoft critical thermal modelling, monitoring and visualisation software, EkkoAir provides data centre operators with an intuitive, holistic 3D real-time view of cooling performance across their entire data centre estate – enabling them to reduce thermal risk and save between 20 and 30% of their overall data centre cooling costs.
  • The combination of low-cost wireless IoT sensors and powerful spatial software enable the creation of rack-level detailed maps of a data centre’s real-time cooling and thermal performance. Taking advantage of this network of IoT sensors, EkkoSense will be demonstrating its new Zone of Influence’ functionality at DCW18. By associating specific cooling devices with racks in dedicated ‘Zones of Influence’, EkkoSense is now able to combine its real-time cooling and live airflow data to enable zone-by-zone cooling optimisation that’s far more cost-effective than traditional sensors and control hardware.

Enabling real-time decision-making with EkkoSense

By collecting thermal data from potentially thousands of wireless sensors, EkkoSense also collects the core machine learning/AI data that is necessary to power next generation real-time decision-making based on proven space, cooling and power algorithms. Available at a cost equivalent to less than 20% that of a traditional data centre cooling unit, the EkkoSense software-driven thermal optimisation approach also provides a platform for the kind of real-time decision-making and scenario planning capabilities that organisations will need to transition towards true AI-managed data centres.

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