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LDeX has created the ultimate Streaming Platform for global clients to connect, download and stream an array of on-net Satellite frequencies.

The UK’s digital platform of choice which enables industry partners to globally connect, share resources and support each other through best practices in order to fulfil media and satellite broadcasting requirements.

All members share a common focus in delivering best in class technology associated with media manipulation, broadcast, storage, CDN and media distribution networks services.

The Data centre provides immediate access to satellite downlinks, high content networks, vast storage capacity, maximum levels of security and a range of features to protect against downtime.

Features and Benefits

    • Expand and develop your existing product sets by formulating partnerships with other technology providers within the platform

    • Generate additional revenue opportunities by increasing the performance of your media solutions by doing business within the ecosystem

    • Receive price advantages by working with other members of the media platform

    • Enhance your customer base by making sure your company’s message reaches the audience that you would like to target through joint marketing opportunities and gain access to new markets

    • Generate a growing media hub that automatically attracts interest of new clients increasing exposure to new business opportunities for all participants of the platform


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Frequently asked questions

Which sites can we buy LDeX Connect's IP transit from?
How to you bill us for IP Transit?

We use the 95th percentile billing method that blah blah blah blah

How long does it take to set up an IP Transit connection
Which upstream providers does LDeX Connect use?
How much upstream capacity does LDeX Connect currently have?

Currently we have 100 Gbps of upstream capacity if we add up all of the upstream connections in all of our POPs


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