IP Transit service providing clients with connectivity to any location reachable on the global Internet.

By using LDeX Connects IP transit clients benefit from a scalable and reliable service utilising a full mesh UK wide BGP network with a 10 Gbps backbone and a mix of global tier one bandwidth providers. Local connectivity is also direct as LDeX Connect peers on leading Internet exchanges in London and Manchester including LINX and IXManchester.

IP Transit is delivered on a diverse and resilient Cisco and Juniper network platform providing the best and quickest possible route to your destination with low latency, low packet loss and high uptime.

LDeX Connect are also able to provide direct BGP peering to Cogent and Level(3) from its on net Data Centre locations.

Features and Benefits

  • Scalable port options from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Per port usage monitoring
  • Copper, Multimode and Single mode fibre options available in most locations
  • Rapid installation
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 enabled network
  • Level3 direct reseller with multi-gigabit capacity
  • Multihomed IP Transit
  • Partial IP Transit
  • Primary and Secondary DNS
  • Aggregate over multiple ports (CDR/billing)
  • RIPE LIR services available


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Transit Delivery Options

Managed Transit is delivered to clients by assigning them an IP address allocation from LDeX Connect’s own IP space. The client configures the IP range on their equipment and LDeX Connect provides the default gateway and manages the routing out to the Internet.

BGP Transit is delivered to clients who have their own autonomous system (ASN) and PA space allocation from an Internet registry.
LDeX Connect allocates a small IP range to the client called a transfernet and then configures a BGP session on it’s core network equipment and the client does the same.
The networks are peered together and LDeX Connect then advertises the clients IP space out to it’s upstream providers.

Leased Line Transit is delivered to the clients premises using a P2P connection from LDeX Connects core network POP. LDeX Connect supplies the client’s P2P circuit and a small IP range and provides the default gateway out to the Internet. This service can be wires only where the client provides their own router or LDeX Connect can provide a fully managed service with router and firewall with DSL backup.

Frequently asked questions

Which sites can we buy LDeX Connect's IP transit from?
How to you bill us for IP Transit?

We use the 95th percentile billing, an ISP industry standard method of billing

How long does it take to set up an IP Transit connection

We can usually turn up an IP Transit feed in one of our own Data Centres within 24 hours, if it’s outside of an LDeX Data Centre the local cabling installation governs the installation time.

Which upstream providers does LDeX Connect use?

We currently use Level(3) and Cogent as our upstream providers and we peer with them in several different Data Centres. We also peer on the LINX Juniper and Extreme LANs in London and IX Manchester.

How much upstream capacity does LDeX Connect currently have?

Currently we have 100 Gbps of upstream capacity utilising several upstream providers in several locations providing scale and resilience




Highly experienced ISP team



UK based power protected NOC



Team qualified to CCIE level



Fixed pricing model across portfolio



Resilient and multihomed UK Network



24 x 7 x 365 access to technical support


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